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The Smith Threatens to Sue Smith, Wine Bar Required to Change Name

It is back to
It is back to “unnamed wine bar” for the moment. Photo: Nick Kindelsperger

We’re all for copyright protection. It’s unfair for a restaurant to steal the name of a successful operation, especially if it is unique. But what is to be made of the fact that Smith — the upcoming Logan Square wine bar — has to change its name after The Smith in New York threatened to sue? We’re not lawyers; so, we have no concept how the most popular last name in America could possibly be copyrighted, especially since the New York establishment has a “the” before “Smith.” Regardless, looks like the wine bar on the corner of Milwaukee Ave and Logan Blvd will have a new name.

According to Chicago Magazine, The Smith let it be known that “one of their fathers is a famous lawyer,” which is kind of like children saying, “my dad will beat you up” on the playground. Sure, had this all been a battle over a place called “The Smiths,” that would have been different — and awesome. We’re not sure if this is some strange karma or what, but when we asked our Grub Street New York colleagues about the restaurant in question, they let us know that it is located in a space that used to be a Uno’s Chicago Grill.

The name change comes at a frantic time for the restaurant. The brown paper covering the windows just came down, and it is apparently in the middle of city inspections. All this means that the anticipated new spot should be opening fairly soon.

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The Smith Threatens to Sue Smith, Wine Bar Required to Change Name