Safeway Afraid of Becoming ‘Roadkill’; Bieber Loves BBQ

• Safeway promoted their new Open Nature product line the other day by constructing the “world’s largest picnic table” on Marina Green and having Tyler Florence cook up some food. Apparently they’re worried about being so “middle-of-the-road” in the grocery store marketplace that they’ll become “roadkill.” [Chron]

• That shooting on Saturday at 7th and Market? Yeah, it happened right outside the newly relocated Little Joe’s, on like their third day open. [LiveSOMA]

SF Weekly’s food blog has a new editor, and it’s former Chron columnist and wine writer W. Blake Gray. [SFoodie]

• KQED really loves the happy hour at Adesso in Oakland, but they’re reluctant to tell too many people about it. [Bay Area Bites/KQED]

• Here’s a photo of Yigit Pura with Olympia Dukakis backstage at Sunday’s Pride fest. [Facebook]

• OMG, stop everything: Justin Bieber has declared that he loves to barbecue! [HuffPo]

• Can borscht be cool again? Hard to say, but Gold brand soup is trying to make it so. [WSJ]

• Meredith publishing company has acquired EatingWell magazine and launched a site called [AdAge]

• The U.K.’s most popular food? Not fish and chips, but rather, chicken tikka masala. [Calcutta Tube]

• In a move that would not make Michael Pollan very happy, state senators have named corn New York’s official state vegetable. [BP]

Safeway Afraid of Becoming ‘Roadkill’; Bieber Loves BBQ