Rich Landau Is Happy About Closing Horizons

Horizons Photo: Courtesy Horizons

Rarely is a restaurant’s closing a cause for celebration for the chefs and restaurateurs involved. But if you ask Rich Landau about Horizons’ imminent curtain call, which he announced this week is coming on July 2, he’ll tell you that he’s thrilled. “Really its a good thing,” he told Grub Street. “We’ve had a great 17 year run here in Philly and Willow Grove, but it’s time for us to take the next step.” And that next step will be a new restaurant with a new meatless concept that he plans to open in Midtown Village around Labor Day.

The new spot, which he was reluctant to discuss in detail while the deal was still up in the air, will be of the same size or a little larger than Horizons, but all on just one floor. And the focus will shift from all-vegan to all-vegetable. “People who aren’t vegans just aren’t interested in vegan restaurants,” he said. “By changing our focus to an all vegetable menu, we’re moving beyond vegan.” He added that when he first relocated Horizons to the city, he had originally hoped to move away from mock meats. Though seitan and tempeh will not represent on new restaurant’s menu, he plans to still serve some dishes with tofu.

In the meantime, Landau is working on putting together a “greatest hits” menu for Horizons last week in existence. He’s accepting recommendations via Twitter.

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Rich Landau Is Happy About Closing Horizons