Restaurant Coupon Fatigue Sets In; $400,000 of King Crab Goes Missing

• “Our check average is about $50 per person, and yet they will find a way to make their dinner for two total $51.01.” A tale of restaurant-coupon fatigue, from a manager’s side. [SE]

• A trucker, who may not have had the proper credentials in the first place, has disappeared with over $4000,000 of Russian king crab that was loaded on to his truck in L.A. [Time]

• “The new weather,” i.e. climate change, could as much as double staple-crop prices globally over the next couple of decades. [Fast Company]

• When Todd English needs a break from being such a fabulous go-getter, he hits the gym. [NYT]

• Jonathan Waxman loves marrow, but is not a big fan of turtle brains. [Bites on Today]

• Life as a socialite weekending in the Hamptons is rough: A privileged Melissa Berkelhammer reportedly threw a tantrum that woke other hotel guests and involved her dissatisfaction with some soup. [Page Six/NYP]

• Raw and whole foods once considered weird are now part of the mainstream and might be an effective way towards weight loss. [KABC]

• Whole Green Kids, a daycare caterer claiming to offer local, organic, Kosher, and Halal meals is being accused of providing none of the above and scamming everyone. [Star]

• “I always feel like, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels is watching meee!” Oh wait, apparently it is. [Digital Journal]

Restaurant Coupon Fatigue Sets In; $400,000 of King Crab Goes Missing