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Preview of What to Eat at EL, Now Taking Reservations

EL's First Menu
EL’s First Menu Photo: PhillipFoss/yFrog

Last night, Phillip Foss hosted a trial run of his mysterious new project, EL. No one knew what they’d be eating until they arrived at the restaurant, and they were politely asked not to post reviews about the experience online. Luckily, Foss indulged our curiosity, and sent out a copy of the first menu earlier this morning. More importantly, he also announced that the restaurant will start taking reservations at this e-mail address. There are only a few tables available each night, so a lottery system has been designed to help pick out who actually gets a spot.

The seven course menu only describes the menu ingredients of each dish, so it doesn’t actually reveal much. For more clues, we checked out his blog where he has been documenting a series of new dishes. It doesn’t immediately appear that any of these are exactly the same, though some ingredients — like the black cod cooked in a salt crust — do make appearances. Either way, the posts are a great look into how he creates new recipes.

Check out the full menu here.

Preview of What to Eat at EL, Now Taking Reservations