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Plan Check Coming This Fall to The Changing Face of Sawtelle

Plan Check
Plan Check Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

The shape of Sawtelle looks to be changing a bit these days. Safe and Save was recently shuttered after 40 years, fancy Cafe Tomo is now rocking the Avenue, while we wait for new stops for okonomiyaki, Mexican food, “snow cream,” and imported Japanese ramen empire Nidaime Tsujita. But an even more glaring new addition is Plan Check, a new restaurant and bar that early on touts a vintage aesthetic that gives us an M.B. Post/Harvard & Stone vibe.

Taking over a shoddy old liquor store (a bit of a local metaphor?), this looks to be quite a professional production that’s currently under construction and wrapped with images of cutlery. While a website is up and asking for adherents, the number so far does not work, leaving us with little clue as to the forces behind Plan Check. The restaurant hopes to open this fall, and is probably also kinda hoping its name will help get it through the laborious permitting approval process.

Plan Check, 1800 Sawtelle Ave. West L.A. 310-288-6500.

UPDATE: Eater catches up with owner Terry Heller, a former real estate developer getting into the restaurant business. Plan Check plans to open in November/December to serve American-inspired small plates and whiskey.

Plan Check Coming This Fall to The Changing Face of Sawtelle