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Pink Taco Doesn’t Do ‘Help Wanted’ Ads. It Has ‘Casting Calls’

Paging Doctor Freud: Irony alert on aisle cinco!
Paging Doctor Freud: Irony alert on aisle cinco! Photo: Hadley Tomicki

It appears Pink Taco is still on track to take over that douchey dojo formerly known as Miyagi’s on Sunset Blvd. This secondary location that nobody was begging for promises to be a “super upscale” version of Pink Taco, which we’re guessing means the naco decor employs airbrushed Bentley hoods now in place of Camaro hoods. Either way, you know who this destination is intended for. Or maybe you need to see Pink Taco’s new hiring listing as a reminder?

If there’s one thing that makes us happy the Pink Taco team no longer has rental rights to that donkey, it’s the ad these frat-tastic entrepreneurs put up on Craiglist last Friday in search of employees. Remember, this is Pink Taco, so it couldn’t just be a normal “help wanted” ad. No, Pink Taco doesn’t do the whole “now hiring” thing. Instead, it has “casting calls” in order to compete in today’s pendulous breastaurant business.

The restaurant is seeking “bottle service, cocktail waitress, models and actresses with experience in hospitality and fun” and asks for both a headshot and resume, because they’re totally impressed by your role as a corpse in CSI: Carthay Circle. Basically, Pink Taco does everything but mention the ideal body measurements it has in mind for waitresses and servers, but it does provide a photo of some sort of Eva Mendes/Natalie Portman/Megan Fox hybrid in a bikini, a look that no doubt will get you noticed on June 23rd if come looking for a job (we hear the Jennifer Aniston look works too).

Fortunately, the casting call is at least being held at Pink Taco Century City at the reasonable hour of 2:30 P.M., and not at a private champagne tasting/pool party at Harry Morton’s pad at 11:30 P.M. In any case, the gals are being asked to come “camera-ready.” Just to be safe, we recommend bringing a PETA protestor along for the ride. When it comes time to explain to Mom and Dad what your new workplace is called, that one’s up to you.

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Pink Taco Doesn’t Do ‘Help Wanted’ Ads. It Has ‘Casting