Your Three Last Options to Get into Next

You'll have to get creative now.
You’ll have to get creative now. Photo: courtesy of Next

By our count, only three full weeks remain for Next’s Paris 1906 menu. Still haven’t gotten in? Well, this is too bad: all the tickets are gone. The acclaimed restaurant announced on Facebook that the last batch of 72 tables are gone. This undoubtedly leaves a huge group of disappointed people. Luckily, if you want to eat at the place Time Out’s Julia Kramer described as a “restaurant where each course is earth-shatteringly creative and tastes better than even the best Edzo’s burger,” you do have three options.

The first way to get in is to constantly check Next’s Facebook wall for same-day tickets. Just about every afternoon, the restaurant announces the availability of three to five tables. All you have to do is e-mail with the table you want, your phone number, and your wine pairing preference. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know when exactly the restaurant will post these messages, and the tables are usually gone within seconds.

The second option is to check with the restaurant for late night walk ins. You have to do this in person, and the dinner would never start until 10 p.m. We’re really not sure how easy this is, but if you happen to be sipping cocktails next door at Aviary, it might be worth trying.

The third option is the most expensive, but it might be the easiest. Tickets were going for wildly high prices on Craigslist at the very beginning, but seem to have cooled down over time. For example, we found this two top with wine pairings going for only $500; that isn’t too far off from what the actual price is.

Good luck!

Your Three Last Options to Get into Next