Mutant E. Coli Attacks Europe; Keep Gramps Out of The Four Loko

• That E. coli outbreak that’s ravaging Europe “is a mutant form of two different E. coli bacteria, with aggressive genes.” Awesome! [AP]

• Due to rising costs, Downtown’s Union Rescue Mission has started charging seven dollars a night and cut its free meals down to one a day. [AP]

• Expect more breweries starting up in L.A., including Long Beach’s Beachwood BBQ & Brewing and of course, that El Segundo Brewing Co. we’ve long been preparing you for. [LAT]

• Seniors are getting into energy drinks! Just be sure to warn Gramps to stay away from the Four Loko. [WSJ]

• Writer Elina Shatkin embarks on a mission to eat 30 ice cream scoops in 30 days. We see a book deal in the future. [LAW]

• Oxnard’s first major food truck event has been delayed due to permitting issues, probably saving a whole lot of people a wasted day standing in lines. [VC Reporter]

• A man shot in the drive-thru at the Taco Bell at Crenshaw and 60th Street late last night is in critical condition. [Daily Breeze]

• Picky diners are becoming more demanding and driving everyone crazy, including us. []

• Maybe those crazy dumpster divers have the right idea: “Use-by” dates are simply “guidelines” (i.e., kind of a scam), but they result in tons of food waste. [MSNBC]

• Too much caffeine might prevent women from getting knocked up. [Healthland/Time]

Mutant E. Coli Attacks Europe; Keep Gramps Out of The Four Loko