Mayor Ed Lee Visits Chris Daly’s Bar, Gives Him a Toy Ass

Note the 'Avalos for Mayor' t-shirt.
Note the ‘Avalos for Mayor’ t-shirt. Photo: Chris Roberts/SF Appeal

An amusing bit off the wires this morning: Mayor Ed Lee finally accepted former Supervisor Chris Daly’s invitation of several months ago, when he first purchased Buck Tavern and announced “all San Francisco mayors drink for free.” As the Appeal reports, Lee and Supervisor Jane Kim (who took over Daly’s seat in District 6) dropped by Daly’s dive for 45 minutes Wednesday evening and were handed free non-alcoholic beers by the political-firebrand-turned-bar-owner. In return, Ed Lee handed Daly a little gift — a wind-up toy donkey he’d purchased in China — which was basically his cute way of calling Daly an ass.

For those just tuning in, the outgoing Supervisor was the loudest opponent to the appointment of City Administrator Ed Lee back in January, calling it “the biggest fumble in the history of San Francisco politics.” Basically Daly and the other self-styled “progressives” on the Board of Supervisors were out-maneuvered when it came time to vote on an interim mayor, and Daly is nothing if not a sore loser.

Lee was kind enough when it came to giving reporters a capsule review of Daly’s bar: “It’s cozy,” Lee said, to which Daly responded, “Better than calling it a dump.” The whole time Daly was wearing a “John Avalos for Mayor” t-shirt. Sidebar: Avalos kind of pissed off the bar community with that drunk tax idea last year, so we wonder how Daly feels about that issue now that he’s a bar owner.

Ed Lee Drops Into Daly’s Dive To Deliver Donkey, Sips N/A Beer, Declares it “Cozy” [SF Appeal]
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Mayor Ed Lee Visits Chris Daly’s Bar, Gives Him a Toy Ass