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Could Lydia Shire’s Son Reopen Biba?

Scampo Photo: Scampo

The current issue of Stuff contains a juicy interview with Lydia Shire’s son, Scampo executive sous chef Alex Pinada. Apparently he has big plans for his family’s empire.

He reveals to the mag that he’d like to travel for awhile, and then return to Boston and relaunch Biba, his mother’s beloved, now-shuttered restaurant, leaving Shire to retire and pen cookbooks. “It’s where I took my first steps as a baby. I said my first words at Biba,” Pinada tells Stuff.

A reincarnated Biba? Could it really happen? We hope so, despite Pinada’s confession that he has his mom’s “short, stubby hands.” It hasn’t seemed to hold her back!

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Could Lydia Shire’s Son Reopen Biba?