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Three Members Purchase LTHForum for $40,000

Photo: courtesy of LTHForum

Looks like a crisis has been averted for one of Chicago’s most influential food sites. LTHForum was purchased for $40,000 by David Dickson, Ron Kaplan, and Steve Zaransky — three active members, which you may recognize as dicksond, ronnie_suburban, and stevez. In an announcement on the site, the three declared, “Meet the new LTHForum, same as the old LTHForum… sort of.” What does that mean? Well, the three don’t want the site “embedded in amber,” and are looking to “go slowly with changes.” But at the moment, there is “no grand plan, no series of changes, no big bomb about to drop.”

We learned about the auction at the beginning of the month, after Peter Daane sued to reclaim a “substantial mount of money” from Gary Wiviott. LTHForum was listed as an asset of Wiviott, and had to be sold at auction to the highest bidder. When we talked to a few of the founding members, all three were unsure what exactly would happen, as anyone could have potentially purchased the site.

The outcome could have killed LTHForum, which would have been a true shame. Though we’re not completely sure what will happen in the long run, it’s great to see LTHForum in the hands of people who genuinely care about Chicago’s food scene.

Three Members Purchase LTHForum for $40,000