Grocery Wars

Labor Protests Hit Vons, Albertson’s, and Ralph’s

Uh-oh. It’s finally come to this. OC Weekly reports that grocery workers were out protesting the big three, with simultaneous picketing going on today at Albertson’s in Fullerton, Von’s in Arcadia, and Ralph’s in Compton. But it’s not quite a strike…yet.

The United Food and Commercial Workers Local 324 union, which represents 62,000 workers, is upset over potential slashes to health care plans in a newly created contract, an amount that equals about $7,000 each in lost compensation. The companies, who know nothing about actual human suffering and everything about making hundreds of millions of dollars in annual profits, want some sympathy too and say they need to cut back because of higher prices and blahblahblah (we don’t speak “corporate scumbag”). Even worse, the union claims that Vons even went so far as to offer welfare instructions to its staff-members.

For shame, Vons! We know where we won’t be buying a rotisserie chicken tonight.

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Labor Protests Hit Vons, Albertson’s, and Ralph’s