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Kauffman Is Underwhelmed By Terminal 2 at SFO; Reidinger Says Don Pisto’s Has ‘the Personality of a Food Truck’

Tyler's not actually there all the time...
Tyler’s not actually there all the time… Photo: Bunrab

Jonathan Kauffman is less impressed than easier to please Patty U. with the new food offerings at Terminal 2 at the airport. Plant Cafe Organic handed him some sad, gray vegetables over steamed quinoa for $13; Andalé took fifteen minutes to give him a soggy, disappointing combo plate; and neither the porchetta nor the chicken were all that swell at Tyler Florence Rotisserie, but the sides were good. He does say that Live Fire Pizza at the Napa Farms Market is “certainly an improvement over Sbarro,” and he compliments both a plate of lamb chops at Cat Cora’s outpost, the burger from Burger Joint, and the snapper sandwich from Lark Creek Grill. [SF Weekly]

Paul Reidinger stays cityside and hits up Don Pisto’s in North Beach, which he says has “the personality of a food truck,” and proceeds to give us one of his signature asides, musing parenthetically with twenty-five-cent words, “Food-truck chic, incidentally, strikes me as an odd development in the senescent years of petroleum, but it does suggest the profound American attachment between eating and motor vehicles. Fifty years ago, people were thrilled to drive to McDonald’s; now the restaurant drives to them.” In any event, he enjoys the intense experience of the bacon-fat-permeated hamburguesa, the Mexican sashimi, and the mussels with chorizo. And he calls their carnitas “exceptional.” [SFBG]

Kauffman Is Underwhelmed By Terminal 2 at SFO; Reidinger Says Don Pisto’s