Judge Refuses Restraining Order Against Red Hot Chicago

Photo: courtesy of Facebook

It was the hot dog court case of the year. Okay, so it was probably the only one, but still. Earlier this month, Vienna Beef sued Scott D. Ladany, the owner of Red Hot Chicago, accusing him of either ripping off Vienna’s 118-year-old recipe or “lying by telling customers that its hot dogs are the real thing.” But the dispute may end rather quickly, as a judge refused to grant a temporary restraining order against Red Hot Chicago.

Apparently, he didn’t believe that Vienna beef would be “irreparably harmed by waiting for the case to play out in court.” The judge also said that Vienna Beef’s chances of winning the court case were “not good.” Vienna Beef hasn’t immediately indicated whether it plans to drop the suit or not, but we hope that this ends the conflict. It’s almost July, and we’d like to get back to the business of simply enjoying both of our city’s fine encased meats.

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Judge Refuses Restraining Order Against Red Hot Chicago