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Jack Daniel’s Edits Its Label, Corrects Some Misinformation

In an effort to streamline and modernize their iconic but wordy label, Jack Daniel’s is trimming a few of the signature tidbits that many a boozehound has come to know and love.

The first being the alleged population of Lynchburg, Tennessee, “(Pop. 361),” which seems not to have been an official census total since, perhaps, the twenties. As The Wall Street Journal points out, Lynchburg has an official population of 6,362 these days. And that founding date for the distillery, 1866? That’s probably been off all along, too. A biographer of Jack Daniel wrote in a 2004 book that he never found any record of the so-labeled “Oldest Registered Distillery in the United States” before 1875 — so they’ve nixed that part, too.

Now if we could only get Budweiser to rethink that bullshit on their label that says, “We know of no brand produced by any other brewer which costs so much to brew and age.” Wtvr.

Last Call for Lynchburg (Pop. 361) as Jack Daniel’s Rejiggers Its Label [WSJ]

Jack Daniel’s Edits Its Label, Corrects Some Misinformation