In-the-Hole Joe Tecce’s Blames Big Dig for Bankruptcy

Photo: istockphoto

We thought the Big Dig was a long-ago nightmare, but some people are still haunted by its reach. The Globe reports that North End behemoth Joe Tecce’s will file for bankruptcy protection, and they trace their financial woes to the Dig.

The restaurant is $500,000 in debt. According to the piece, sales plummeted 50 percent in the midst of the Big Dig, when customers avoided the dust-strewn streets and the constant sound of jackhammers. Six years ago, the restaurant filed a $20 million lawsuit against the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, but so far nothing’s come of it. Despite these problems, described in the article by Sal Tecce as “a thousand paper cuts,” the Tecce family vows to stay in business. Probably not on the menu any time soon: Big Dig ice cream.

Tecce’s Seeks Bankruptcy Protection [Globe]

In-the-Hole Joe Tecce’s Blames Big Dig for Bankruptcy