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How to Make a Great Hot Dog Even Better: Add a Beer!

Photo: Courtesy Hot Diggity

How do you improve on what’s already a pretty impressive hot dog? Easy. Just add a beer! And that’s exactly what Keith Garabedia has in mind for Hot Diggity, the South Street hot dog joint he opened last weekend. In the the weeks to come, he plans to begin offering a rotating selection of bottled craft beers to go along with his kennel of regionally-inspired dogs. “We’re working on getting a bottle license right now,” Garabedia told Grub Street. “Because nothing goes better than a beer and hot dog.”

Garabedia, a self-described “carft beer nut” who said his go-to brew is a Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, plans to focus on local craft brews. “Its going to be great,” he said. “Once we get some cool beers in here, we’re going to start doing some dog and beer pairings, which I think will be awesome.”

Though all the paperwork has been filled out, and there are no known issue, Garabedia doesn’t expect to have his beer license until the end of July. But in the meantime, he was thrilled to point out that he’s struck a deal with Percy Street BBQ to use their housemade barbecue sauces on his Texas Hold ’Em dog.

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How to Make a Great Hot Dog Even Better: Add a Beer!