Food Puns

Anyone for a Bite of Cheese Wiz Khalifa?

That's Jay Ziti to you.
That’s Jay Ziti to you. Photo: Nick Step via Flickr

The USDA food pyramid of our youth might be gone forever, but thankfully MTV has stepped in to fill the gap. They’ve come out with this totally awesome hip-hop food pyramid, with many of our favorite rappers from yesterday and today immortalized as delicious food puns!

Waka Flocka Corn Flakes start any morning off right (maybe with a side of Cantaloupe Fiasco), Ludacrisps make a satisfying midday snack, and who wouldn’t want to cap off dinner with a sweet slice of Notorious P.I.E.?

But why stop with rappers? We think the Black-Eyed Peas would make a fine side dish. Britney might love junk food, but maybe a name-change to Britney “Broccoli” Spears would help her get back into shape. Meanwhile, we’d advise Jimmy “Chinese” Buffett to branch out beyond his chain of Margaritavilles. Oh, and Bruno Mars Bar? He could attract a whole new dessert demographic. And, finally, for the retro-punksters among us: a refreshing summertime Iggy Pop-sicle.

The Hip-Hop Food Pyramid [Clutch/MTV]

Anyone for a Bite of Cheese Wiz Khalifa?