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Hideout Temporarily Shutters, Liguria Bakery Turns 100, and More

Mission: The Hideout at Dalva (3121 16th Street) is closed temporarily for renovations. They’ll reopen on Friday. [Facebook]
Downtown: Break out the shrimp chips! Calbee, the “undisputed snack titan of Japan,” is opening their shop at the Westfield Centre on July 10. [Feast]
North Beach: Liguria Bakery, famous for their focaccia (which you can enjoy on sandwiches at Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store across Washington Square), is turning 100, and they’re still using the exact same oven they started with. [Chron, Scoop]
Also in N.B., don’t forget about the special dinner Friday at Coi featuring two hot chefs from England, Claude Bosi and Sat Bains, who’ve never cooked in S.F. before. Reservations still available at 415.393.9000. See the menu below. [Grub Street]

Coi, Friday, June 17, $195 per person, exclusive of wine.

beet rose, yogurt, rose petal ice (coi)
clam, bull kelp, meyer lemon, wild fennel (coi)
ravioli of spring onion and lime fava and mint puree (bosi)
oxtail, shaved porcini, ketchup (bains)
brassicas, smoked hollandaise and charred onions (bains)
chicken, morels, makrut lime ,coffee, parmesan (bosi)
cucumber sorbet blackberry, shiso (coi)
goat’s milk brioche cherry, tarragon (coi)

And at Plum, they’ll be doing this five-course menu on Saturday for $85 per person.

oysters aloe vera, green mango (bosi)
porcini, pea, sugar snap, pecorino (plum)
halibut artichoke, fennel, green shallot (plum)
pork belly apple, piccalilli, cumin, coriander (bains)
cocoa nib cake cherries, tecchino ice cream (plum)

Hideout Temporarily Shutters, Liguria Bakery Turns 100, and More