Henan On Fire

He Nan Flavor opened recently in Manhattan's Chinatown.
He Nan Flavor opened recently in Manhattan’s Chinatown. Photo: Dave Cook/Eating in Translation

Chinese province Henan was until recently a non-player in the city’s regional-Chinese-food scene, but now it seems Henan Feng Wei and its spinoff, He Nan Flavor, are not your only source for spicy big-tray chicken. That regional delicacy, bone-in chicken chunks swimming in a fiery, caraway- and Sichuan-peppercorn-studded broth, is available at newcomer Uncle Zhou, reports CHOW, as are the province’s signature knife-sliced fresh noodles. [CHOW]

Uncle Zhou, 83–29 Broadway, nr. Dongan Ave., Elmhurst; 718-393-0888

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Henan On Fire