Celebrity Settings

Gordon Ramsay Spotted at Starbucks; Billy Dee Williams Does Bristol Farms

“It works every time.” Photo: Maplesbranch via Flickr

We’ve had a fun week of watching celebrities let their guards down at L.A. restaurants, though we use the word “celebrity” a little imaginatively in some cases. Like when it comes to Kevin Federline. What’s he been up to? Oh you know, makin’ more babies, smokin’ a lot, and eatin’ his way through the menu at BJ’s Brewhouse. Then there’s our old buddy Gordo, who was caught red-handed doing that thing where you clean your teeth with your tongue. You know that nasty move? Then Hillary Duff wore some pretty scary yellow pants at Pace, but we think she chose to wear this. Eternally smoother, “Billy Dee” Williams shopped at Bristol Farms, emerging as sharp as ever in a light grey suit and medallion. Maybe someday, Williams can show Federline how to have some class, Gordo to have some humility, Duff to have some style, and give the scarecrow a brain. While we take a peek at the man behind the curtain, see where else stars have been eating this week in today’s edition of celebrity settings.

BJ’s: Heavyweight baby-makin’ machine Kevin Federline took a smoke break before returning for the rest of that pizza. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]

Bristol Farms: Billy Dee “Lando” Williams was snapped buying groceries. Please tell us there was a can of Colt .45 in that bag. [The Superficial]

Chateau Marmont
: Joe Jonas loves Grub Street and must have read our recent burger recommendation shortly before being spotted having a cheeseburger here. Or maybe Orlando Bloom put him on to it? [People]

: Tween pop star Hilary Duff, sorry that’s now grown-up novelist Hillary Duff, dined on Wednesday night. [Grub Street]

: Pink and her new baby, Willow Sage (which sounds like something you could eat) had a lunch date. [People]

: Mark Ballas and Pia Toscana had dinner, and he appeared to bring an urn of ashes with him or something. Either the restaurant is running out of celebrities to invite or things were just slow this week. [People]

Mel’s: Hayden Panetierre went to lunch with her man, NBA baller/beanie-in-the-summertime addict Scotty McKnight. Dude, aren’t you nold enough to go by “Scott” now? [TMZ]

Pace: Hillary Duff came in wearing yellow pants, rarely a good move unless you own the place or the pants are a pastel Easter yellow (judging the color of people’s pants is a huge pastime of our’s). [Just Jared]

Starbucks: Gordon Ramsay was caught doing that thing where you try to get food out of your teeth with your tongue. [Daily Meal]

Teuscher Chocolates: Katie Holmes’ slanted smile didn’t look this crazy back in the Dawson Creek years, did it? Anybody? [People]

Trousdale: Dr. Dre was in the mutherfuckin’ house, partying, and going for people’s necks, so call him Blacula. [People]

Gordon Ramsay Spotted at Starbucks; Billy Dee Williams Does Bristol Farms