Good Food Asks You To Adopt a Farmer During 405 Shutdown

First we got to “know our farmers,” now we’re being tasked to live with the bucolic bunch. As you probably dread already, the entire world is ending the 405 Freeway will be shut down between the 101 and 10 Freeways between July 15th-17th. We can’t legally smack the shit out of the dumb motherforager who thought this would be in any way a suitable idea, but we’d probably have to stand in line behind half of the Brentwood Country Mart just to graze a cheek. Anyway, Evan Kleiman’s Good Food is, as always, on the case. The show’s blog announces that the Santa Monica Farmers Market is planned to run as usual, but that many of the farmers themselves will need to arrive very early and will need a place to park and rest. So what can you, altruistic Angeleno, do to pitch in?

Good Food encourages anyone with a little extra room for a supply truck or overall-wearing, pitchfork-toting farmer to speak with one of the vendors during the market and offer your pad/parking spot up to them. Similarly, if you have some kind of connection with a hotel (We already sense a great publicity opp for The Farmers Daughter on Fairfax here), contact a farmer at the market and find a way to lessen their pain.

Who knows? There could be a secret stash of padrón peppers in it for you and the family!

Host a Farmer [Good Food via LAist]

Good Food Asks You To Adopt a Farmer During 405 Shutdown