Global Ocean Life Threatened With Extinction; IHOP Looks to The Middle East

• “The oceans are in a worse state than previously suspected, according to an expert panel of scientists,” who say over-fishing and pollution are endangering marine life around the world. So make sure you’re eating sustainable fish, mmmkay? [BBC]

• The Federal Reserve’s move to limit debit-card fees should be a boon to restaurants, which conduct about 35 percent of their sales through debit. [Forbes]

• Short stack over Saudi Arabia? That’s right, IHOP is expanding to the Middle East. To the tune of 40 stores over the next five years. [NRN]

• Director Chris Weitz often employed local taco trucks to cater his most recent film, the story of a Mexican immigrant struggling to deal with his truck being stolen. [LAT]

• Discount site Village Vines has changed its name to Savored for a launch in five additional cities. [Chicago Tribune]

• Kelly Dobkin, L.A.’s current queen of wrap-ups, looks at five food trends rocking the nation. [Zagat Buzz]

• Sure, all of this no-peanuts business is annoying, but consider this: According to a study by the publication Pediatrics, nearly 8 percent of U.S. children suffer from food allergies. [WP]

• If you’re interested in seeing Cameron Diaz reenact with David Letterman the time she fed A-Rod popcorn, here’s video of that. [Gawker]

• Korea’s government is eager to show the rest of the world the best in Korean cooking. Only home cooks feel that their menus are a little too ambitious for anyone to prepare in their own kitchens. [The Star]

Global Ocean Life Threatened With Extinction; IHOP Looks to The Middle East