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Giada to Cook Cali Cuisine for Kate and William

Giada De Laurentiis is, like, OMG, freaking out over her next job, which she tells Bites on Today is a “dream come true.” The TV chef is finally breaking a vow of omerta to announce that she’s one of the lucky toques who will cook for the Royal Couple during their upcoming California adventure. On July 9, Willy and Kate are rolling into the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club, so that he can play a little Polo and the property can charge $4,000 per ticket to raise funds for the American Friends of the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry, which, forgive us, doesn’t exactly sound like the neediest nonprofit on Earth. Meanwhile, Giada plans to cook Cali summer cuisine and, of course, intends to look her best while doing it (“I’m thinking modern-day Pretty Woman,” she predicts). So, what will the Royals be eating — and how did Giada score the gig?

The chef claims that this assignment came about through a fairly loose connection. “Someone who plays golf with someone who plays golf with someone threw my name in the pot!” she says, proving it pays to have the kind of well-connected friends who play golf in the first place. For the affair, Giada so far offers that a cherry-tomato-topped pea pesto crostini will be served, as well as a chopped mixed-green salad with grilled corn and grilled shrimp, and breaded chicken cutlet Milanese in a tomato-fennel sauce.

Though she says she is “overwhelmingly excited” to cook for the couple, she’s also naturally a little anxious. “I’m just nervous about new people tasting my food,” the chef admits. “Any chef feels that way when people who aren’t in their circle eat their food for the first time — you always cringe until the first bite happens.” Fortunately, we have a feeling the Royal Couple is used to deeming everything they try “quite good” while in polite company, and then swearing and cursing about it anonymously on Yelp.

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Giada to Cook Cali Cuisine for Kate and William