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Get Up Close and Personal With Alice Waters for $100K

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As Grub Street noted last week, Chez Panisse is throwing not one but dozens of parties — most of them fundraisers — to celebrate their 40th anniversary in August. And for foodies of means this could mean the opportunity to spend a whole weekend bumping elbows with Alice Waters and Michael Pollan, eating lovely food, and commiserating over rosé about the plight of the American farmer. The iconic Berkeley restaurant, birthplace of that thing that used to be called California Cuisine and the undisputed nexus of locavorism, wants to use the opportunity to bring more attention to Alice’s primary cause these days, which is improving food education and school lunch programs and starting more Edible Schoolyards. But San Francisco-based, luxury-home-goods flash-sale site One Kings Lane knows there’s also considerable caché in just to getting to hang out with Alice and attend some of these exclusive parties, so they’ve got four packages up for sale ranging in price from $15,000 to $100,000.

The least expensive package, “Chef for a Day,” won’t actually get you into any events but will allow you to cook your own dinner in Chez Panisse’s kitchen, and dine at a special chef’s table for two in the kitchen. The most expensive package, going for $100,000, includes ten tickets to the Berkeley Art Museum party and Alice’s National Portrait Gallery portrait unveiling on Friday, August 26, private access to Alice over coffee, as well as dinner for all ten guests at the 40th anniversary dinner being served at the restaurant on August 27. As of this morning, none of the packages has sold out, but we imagine there is a hedge-fund manager or similar out there with a wife who idolizes Alice who’ll be snapping this up soon.

Sidebar: The S.F. Business Times points out that Alice isn’t the only celebrity chef getting into the flash sale game, with Thomas Keller and Corey Lee having recently offered exclusive meal deals through Gilt City.

The One Kings Lane packages remain up for grabs until 8 a.m. Pacific time on Friday, July 1. It should be noted that most of the cost of these packages will be tax deductible and will go toward The Edible Schoolyard.

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Get Up Close and Personal With Alice Waters for $100K