G-20 Reaches Food Agreement; Where to Find Lamb Belly

• Stabilizing food prices was a chief goal at the G-20 summit, where “agriculture ministers agreed to establish a transparent system to track global supplies and set up emergency food reserves.” ‘Bout time. [AP]

• “Gram & Papa’s was the best LudoBites we ever had,” says Ludo Lefebvre, who also predicts the appearance of some Southern BBQ in the next version of his pop-up. [LA Downtown News]

• You know you want some lamb belly! Here’s where to get your share in L.A. [Huff Po]

• Spend a day with Alice Waters and you’ll learn about things like the “organic-chicken crisis” and feel bad that you’re not eating more farro spaghetti. [WSJ]

• Heidi Montag’s co-stars for that food show she’s doing? Real Housewife Danielle Staub and Bachelor Jake Pavelka. Wait, what happened to Ashley Dupré? [People]

• Signs put up to protest environmental regulations, that some argue have exacerbated drought in Central California, still litter the highways, despite the heavy rains of the last year. [AP/Google]

• Eight homeless inhabitants of Skid Row have filed a case against The City, claiming they’ve had their belongings seized when they went to get food, go to the restroom, or to court. [Blog Downtown]

• Chili’s has installed tabletop ordering terminals at some of its restaurants, with a full rollout planned for later this summer. Expect more impulse ordering of Southwestern Eggrolls after a couple of those blue drinks. [NRN]

G-20 Reaches Food Agreement; Where to Find Lamb Belly