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Florence Henderson Eats at Cafe Del Rey; Orlando Bloom Does O Burger

Going out to eat and shop for food as a celebrity must be pretty weird. Probably as strange as spotting Carole Brady brunching at Cafe del Rey is for us common folk. Imagine being say, Halle Berry shopping for giant apples at Whole Foods, with photographers hiding behind the agave syrup display and snarky bloggers just waiting to crack on your brand allegiances. At least Kiefer Sutherland gets a hero’s welcome around here, as he reportedly did this week while dining out. When the 24 actor appeared at NY & C Pizza, the whole room reportedly started chanting “Jack Bauer” at him. Sure, that probably make you twice as nervous to get something caught in your teeth, but at least you feel the love. While we ponder such hypothetical questions, check out where else celebrities have been dining in L.A. this week.

Bann: “Yay Area” rapper Bobby Backins stopped in for dinner. Or maybe he just posed outside in his douchey orange sports car. [Monsters & Critics]

Boa: Bridget Marquardt came for dinner on Wednesday. We’re not entirely sure who that is, but she appears to be some sort of nuclear physicist or something. [The Superficial]

Buca di Beppo: Kat Von D and Jesse James came for dinner in Studio City, which just about sums up their taste we’d say. [People]

Café Del Rey: Florence Henderson, aka Carol Brady, had cocktails and truffle pizza with a friend last Sunday. [Grub Street]

Fig & Olive: Kevin Connolly had dinner on Wednesday with a blonde date, who must have a diminutive ginger fetish or something. [Grub Street]

Locanda Del Lago: Maria Shriver ate with three gentleman, overheard possibly speaking on business matters, like how much she can take The Terminator to the cleaners for. [Grub Street]

Mr. Chow: Mark Ballas and Pia Toscana went out for dinner, but didn’t get too kissy with each other. [People]

O Burger: Orlando Bloom got some time away from his new kid and enjoyed a veggie burger. [People]

NY & C Pizza: Kiefer Sutherland appeared and everyone apparently chanted “Jack Bauer!” at him. [Grub Street]

The Colony: Kid Cudi, Jason Statham, and Paul Oakenfold came out for Dean May’s birthday on Wednesday. That scumbag Joe Francis was also there. [Grub Street]

Whole Foods: Halley Berry did some shopping in Beverly Hills. Anytime you want to join us for a beer, Berry, it’s on us! [People]

Florence Henderson Eats at Cafe Del Rey; Orlando Bloom Does O Burger