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Mast Brothers Sail Again; Flatbush Food Co-op Goes Boating

Photo: Zerve

It’s been — or, ahem, bean (zing!) — just a few weeks since craft-chocolate producers the Mast Brothers triumphantly returned to Brooklyn from the Dominican Republic in a three-masted ship, carrying twenty tons of cocoa beans. The haul will be put into production over the next six months, and while we’re waiting to find out if the Black Seal (see it in action here) will soon take the red-bearded brothers once again on a repeat of their decidedly visionary journey, consider the following offer that may appeal to craft-food-loving wanderlusters with less intense time and labor commitments: Ditmas Park Blog reports there are just a few seats left for the July 10 Clearwater Sloop Sail, which celebrates the 35th anniversary of the Flatbush Food Co-op. It’s a comparatively shorter trip (only three hours!), open to members and non-members; refreshments will be served, and yes, there will be a sing-along.

In the meantime, Rick Mast has written to tell us that the details are being worked out, but the next Mast Brothers sail will be to either Belize or Brazil. “Our goal is to ship all of our cacao using sail,” he writes, “this would inevitably necessitate at least three trips to Central and/or South America per year.” Aspiring chocolate-makers, now is the time to practice tying your nautical knots.

Flatbush Food Co-Op Clearwater Sloop Sail [Ditmas Park Blog]

Mast Brothers Sail Again; Flatbush Food Co-op Goes Boating