First Look Inside Boxing Room, Opening June 16

There’s been a great deal of preamble for the opening of Boxing Room, the Louisiana-inspired offshoot of Absinthe which hit a few delays this spring. But Thursday, June 16, will mark the official opening in the former Citizen Cake digs (399 Grove Street), which means they still made their goal of a spring opening with five days of spring to spare. The name Boxing Room, as we discussed a while back, comes from the original use of this corner when a former building on the site, a shirt factory, used this area for the room where the shirts were boxed for shipping. We already showed you the draft menu from chef Justin Simoneaux, in which he hopes to bring some classic, unadulterated New Orleans goodness to San Francisco. Now, take a look at the remodeled interior, which doesn’t look much like its former self.

Remember it’s beer and wine only (we think this may be temporary until they get a full liquor license, because, well, what’s New Orleans without hard liquor?). They’ll be open only for dinner for dinner for the first month, and will add lunch sometime in mid-July.

Boxing Room - 399 Grove Street at Gough - 415.430.6590 - Eventual hours: 11:30 a.m. to 2 a.m., seven days a week.

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First Look Inside Boxing Room, Opening June 16