First Look at Ode to the Elephants, Now Serving Thai Street Food on the Boardwalk

Kevin Ngosuwan
Kevin Ngosuwan Photo: Daniel Maurer

Turns out Thai Rock isn’t the only Thai spot that’s new to Rockaway. You’ve already heard about the array of food vendors now doing business on the Rockaway Beach boardwalk, but here’s one that hasn’t been mentioned: Ode to the Elephants is now serving “beach Thai food” in the same boardwalk concession stand, at Beach 96th Street, that Rockaway Taco, Babycakes, Jean Adamson (Vinegar Hill House), and Lindsay Robinson (ex-Diner) share. Chef-owner Kevin Ngosuwan, who operates the stand with designer Kevin Sutavee, learned to cook at his Thai father’s place uptown, Amsterdam Thai, and several months ago opened his own place (also called Ode to the Elephants) in the surfing town of Rincon, in his mother’s native Puerto Rico. His still-expanding menu is similar here, though here he’ll add Thai-style burgers (with spicy basil sauce, pickled mango sauce, and red onions) as well as hot dogs (with papaya, red onion, lime chile sauce, and relish). He’s currently running daily specials and plans to add dishes like bah mee hang (egg noodles tossed with scallions, fried garlic, sugar, and fish sauce). To drink (and you will need a drink to battle the authentic spiciness of the Bangkok street-style som tum) there’s Thai iced tea as well as iced lotus tea and a few other varieties. Current hours are noon till 6 p.m., but when delivery starts, they’ll extend to 10 p.m. Check out today’s menu.

Vegetable spring rolls - 4

Shrimp and chicken spring rolls - 7

Calamari - 6
(with homemade chili plum sauce)

Chicken satay - 4
(with prawn sauce and cucumber salad)

Moo ping - 4
Marinated pork skewers

Som tum - 6
Papaya salad

Massaman curry - 11
Chicken, onion, and potatoes

Yumpla - 14
Filet of sole, red onion, scallion, papaya, tomato, lime chili sauce

Gai yaerng - 11
Grilled chicken quarters with curry rice and lime chili sauce

Ode to the Elephants, Boardwalk at Beach 96th St., Rockaway Beach, Queens

First Look at Ode to the Elephants, Now Serving Thai Street Food on the