First Look at NoMI Kitchen, Opening Today

After months of renovations, a name change, and a complete overhaul of the menu, NoMI Kitchen officially opens today in the Gold Coast. We had a look at the brand new menu a few days ago, and noticed that it differed pretty dramatically from the former NoMI. It was more approachable and streamlined, and seemed to place a greater emphasis on local produce. But we weren’t quite sure what exactly to expect until we saw the food for ourselves. Luckily, we were able to sneak into the hotly anticipated new restaurant yesterday to see what executive chef Ryan LaRoche had in store.

While the new NoMI is relatively more affordable and designed to be a place that people can dine at more than once a year, LaRoche isn’t afraid of dramatic presentations when one is looking to really celebrate. For example, check out the Maine Lobster, which is cooked on a Spanish plancha grill, and served with a peppercorn beurre blanc. That said, we were also able to sample an artichoke soup, served with garlic roasted escargot and a Parmesan crostini.

NoMI Kitchen also has a great pastry chef in Meg Galus. She recently left Cafe des Architectes, and has already created a distinct dessert menu. For spring, she’s offering a rhubarb soup with poached rhubarb, golden and red rasperries, lemon lime gelee, ginger marshmallow, rhubarb consomme with vanilla bean, and lemon confit. Got all that?

Check out the full menu here, but definitely take a look at our slideshow first.

Served with butter lettuce, peppercorn beurre blanc
Served with prosciutto, avocado, capers, scallions
Served with oven-dried tomatoes, roasted garlic, shaved pecorino cheese
Served with heritage ham hoc, garlic roasted escargot
The dessert features poached rhubarb, golden and red raspberries, chervil, lemon lime gelee, ginger marshmallow with rhubarb consomme with vanilla bean and lemon confit.
First Look at NoMI Kitchen, Opening Today