First Look at Dose Market

Dose Market held its first ever event last Sunday at the River East Art Center. While there are numerous markets around town, including many that go year-round, this is probably the first that has made an attempt to combine food and fashion. We knew basically what to expect, and it did bring together 17 different food vendors along with about 20 different fashion vendors. Still, we were unsure what exactly would happen when the two worlds collided. Luckily, we can report that the only issues were a few errant stains thanks to all the food available.

The food offerings were varied, and there seemed to be a good balance between the sweet and savory. One could purchase a whole range of ice creams, snow cones, truffles, and other pastries. But it was also great to see the crew from Old Town Social selling freshly sliced charcuterie. Executive chef Jared Van Camp was excited about the event, as it allowed him to show of his new portable hand-cranked meat slicer.

Also on hand was BLiS, a company from Michigan which produces a range of gourmet maple syrups, truffle oils, and vinegars. You may remember the company from Grant Achatz’s Life, on the Line. Steven Stallard owns the company, and Achatz interned with the Michigan chef during culinary school.

There was so much more, so how about you just take a look at our slideshow to see it all for yourself?

First Look at Dose Market