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Exploding Dessert Gives Us One More Reason to Avoid Bananas (Updated)

Photo: Mario Villafuerte/Bloomberg via Getty Images

We learned a while ago that bananas are like the least sustainable fruit on the planet (damn their affordability and deliciousness!). But now there’s one more reason we might want to avoid them: Four people in Palm Harbor, Florida, were burned over the weekend when a rum-heavy table-side preparation of Bananas Foster exploded. It sounds pretty gruesome: “A 25-year-old woman received first- and second-degree burns when her dress caught on fire and her body was covered in flames after the waiter botched the dessert service,” according to the Daily News. In all seriousness, we wish the victims a speedy recovery, but we’re also wondering whether the waiter’s mechanical skills were impaired at the time of the accident.

Update: The St. Petersburg Times reports that the fire started not because the waiter used too much booze, but because the flame made its way into the bottle of 151-proof rum: “[The server] saw a small flame traveling up the bottle and lost control of the bottle. He said he then saw the pressure in the bottle build, spraying liquid flames onto five people sitting at the table.”

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Exploding Dessert Gives Us One More Reason to Avoid Bananas (Updated)