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Elijah Wood Gets Happy Feet for Kogi And Lets Olio Pizzeria Explode in His Mouth

Like most well-heeled Venice residents, wide-eyed actor Elijah Wood is addicted to Gjelina Take Away. Like all the rest of us, he also has a lot of opinions on L.A.’s dining scene and food truck trend. Today, the hobbit thespian is interviewed by HuffPo where he drops a few choice morsels on where he likes to go out for a bite and what he thinks of chowing down in the city he’s called home for 23 years. So, where does Elijah eat?

The actor has been shooting a new show called Wilfred on our very own Venice street for the last several months. During that time, Wood got happy feet and Twitter thumbs when Kogi stopped by to cater the set. Still, we think someone might have flubbed a line or two when Wood claims that “The cast bought the Kogi truck.” Say what?! Does he mean “rent?” We already confuse this guy regularly with Lucas Haas, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Robert Pattinson, need we be any more befuddled?

In any case, Wood might be a few paces behind much of the city when he gives food trucks a little more credit than they deserve. The actor says, “I love food trucks…What I love about the food trucks more than anything is that they seem to usher in this excitement around food in LA. And I think that’s sustained.” Uh, okay, sure guy.

But Wood makes up for it by praising L.A.’s pizza scene, a much maligned chortle-fountain for most of the country, contrary to what locals know. When asked when the last time he had a “culinary explosion” in his mouth, Frodo fortunately doesn’t mention the red-light special at Green Man Pub. Instead he offers, “It may have been Olio Pizzeria. I had a pepperoni, and they use imported Italian pepperoni. It’s interesting: Three Neapolitan-style pizza places have opened up within a month or two of each other. That one; Sotto on Pico, which is excellent. They have a guanciale pizza that kills. And then there’s Mother Dough on Hollywood and Hillhurst, and that’s extraordinary.”

Thanks for spreading the slice gospel, Elijah! Here’s hoping a food blog is in your future. And if you ever find yourself in a mood to sip some reposado and eat some funky stuff from the back of our fridge, remember we’re just up the street…

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Elijah Wood Gets Happy Feet for Kogi And Lets Olio Pizzeria Explode in His Mouth