Dunkin’ Brands Coerced; Kebabs Can Be Costly

• Dunkin’ Brands has filed suit in U.S. District Court, alleging that a California software company sent them a threatening letter coercing $130,000 for a copyright violation. [BBJ]

• The world’s most expensive kebab costs around $1200, which, the Huffington Post points out, is “as much as the per capita income of Uganda.” Ponder that. [HuffPo]

• The so-called “Red Bull Killer” was found not guilty of murdering his father, owing to reasons of insanity, and too much of the energy drink. Red Bull gives you murder defense! [WTSP]

• Most consumers queried in one survey declared themselves unwilling to pay more for healthier restaurant options. Then again, everyone asked was over 50, so maybe they’re still sore that loaves of bread don’t cost 10 cents anymore. [NRN]

• Take a look at what must be the world’s scariest ice-cream truck and see if it doesn’t give you chills. [Imgur via Reddit]

• T.G.I.Friday’s is rolling out a Facebook app called Buy Your Friend a Beer that lets people gift e-coupons for drinks, valid at any of the chain’s restaurants. Or you could just take your friend to an actual bar and buy them a drink there. [USAT]

Dunkin’ Brands Coerced; Kebabs Can Be Costly