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Do Energy Drinks Turn Rock Stars Into Addicts?

Don't quit your day job.
Don’t quit your day job. Photo: How to Talk to Girls At Parties/tumblr

One more reason to step away from the Four Loko: A new study from the University of Buffalo says that downing too many energy drinks is associated with “binge drinking, alcohol-related social problems and misuse of prescription drugs among musicians.”

Just as wine is marketed to mommies, experts note that rock stars and rappers (or wannabe rock stars and rappers, anyway) are targeted by energy labels. Really, it’s easy to think you’re Jay-Z after downing a can or seven of Rockstar, Rock On, or Pimp Juice. Happens to us at parties all the time.

As for the facts: In their survey, musicians who used energy drinks reported more misuse of drugs and alcohol than boring people non-users. In fact, 68 percent confessed to heavy binge drinking once or twice a year, and 74 percent experienced at least “one alcohol-related social problem including hangovers, arguing with others about drinking or doing something while drinking that they later regretted.” Hey, if this is all it takes, why don’t we have our very own episode of Behind the Music?

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Do Energy Drinks Turn Rock Stars Into Addicts?