David Kinch Thinks You Should Go to Japan; Eating Dirt Is Good for You

• David Kinch discusses the culinary wonders of Japan, where the food is “devoid of any and all unnecessary elements. It’s only the good stuff with no place to hide.” [Eatocracy/CNN]

• The Contemporary Jewish Museum and McSweeney’s put together this staged “dinner” over the weekend featuring various dead guests come back to life, like Salvador Dali, Thelonious Monk, and Virginia Woolf. It was in honor of the exhibit about Gertrude Stein and her bohemian life, Bar Bambino catered the affair, however there was no booze, and no Alice B. Toklas fudge. [KQED]

• Possibly because of our rainy winter, the sturgeon population in San Pablo Bay is booming, and fishermen are thrilled. [Marin IJ]

• Jesse Friedman of Beer & Nosh fame is now pursuing his beer and fermented soda-making business full time. [Beer & Nosh]

• Turns out eating dirt could actually be healthy, since it contains lots of nutrients and may shield against parasites. There’s even a word for it: “geophagy.” [Times of India]

• Social scamming: Some people in Wisconsin have been illegally selling food stamps on Facebook. [Fox News]

• McDonald’s has an interactive billboard in Sweden that lets users play a pong game on their smartphones and win free menu items. The company wanted to launch the gimmick in the U.S. but realized crappy AT&T; service would make each game take five hours. [Mashable]

• Obese children and those who consume unhealthy foods at lunchtime don’t do as well on exams. [Daily Mail UK]

David Kinch Thinks You Should Go to Japan; Eating Dirt Is Good for You