Damian Windsor is Back With His Brand New Invention

Photo: Ice Ice Shavi

Yo, yo, yo! Eater reports on a unique new food truck barreling down the road called “Ice Ice Shavi,” which obviously comes straight outta “the streets.” When it comes to motif, this jive turkey almost appears to have it all. Groan-inducing ironic 80’s puns? Check. Chilly Willy’s thugged-out cousin in gold ropes? Uh-huh! Variation on the typical auto body? That’s right. Crazy menu? Word! Just about the only thing that could put this one over the top is booze. Oh please, someone say there’s booze on-board…

This fine shaved ice specialist, outfitted in an old meter maid’s cruiser, comes from Roger Room bartender Damian Windsor and Liz Wiltgen, so it’s not too surprising to hear the flavors are all natural, locavore inspired fruits and herbs. You can get a “Mojito” ice using fresh lime and mint or a “Moscow Mule” with ginger and lime, though these will obviously have to remain virgins when offered to the public (another reason to always be strapped with airplane bottles). And yes, there’s even a vanilla-flavored “Van Winkle” to celebrate the white Miami rapper who probably should have never been (really dude, “flow like a harpoon?”)

But here’s what should really kill “your brain like a poisonous mushroom” (in the good way). When “Shavi” is hired privately for events, it comes with boozy shaved ices employing Avion, that Entourage-promoted Highlands tequila that’s quite nice. Oh food trucks, just when we think you’ve totally worn out your welcome, you get creative on our respective behinds.

Catch Ice Ice Shavi during its public debut at Studio City farmers market on June 26th.

Damian Windsor Co-Launches Ice Ice Shavie, Artisan Shaved Ice Meter Maid “Truck” [Eater]

Damian Windsor is Back With His Brand New Invention