City Not Happy with Reusable Grocery Containers; Trib Calls for Suspending Production of Ethanol

• Sure, bringing your own container to the grocery store sounds like the most environmentally friendly thing to do, but not according to Chicago’s Department of Public Health. The city fears cross-contamination from your dirty, unwashed bags. [Trib]

• The Tribune’s editorial board is calling for an end to our “reliance on food for fuel,” pleading with President Obama to suspend ethanol production. [Trib]

• Selena Gomez was hospitalized over the weekend, allegedly for “food poisoning and exhaustion.” Sheesh, Bieber, go easy. Bizarrely, Jennifer Hudson allegedly contracted food poisoning as well. [MTV UK, Third Age]

• Speaking of food-borne illness, many of the E. coli sufferers will need kidney transplants or will have to undergo dialysis for the rest of their lives. [Local Germany]

• And while we’re on the topic of contamination, Taiwan destroyed 2.3 tons of beverages that contained the plasticizer DEHP, which “could cause future reproductive problems for boys.” [WP]

• Meal Snap, a new app that counts calories in pictures of food, works partly with the assistance of people who identify the food shots for two to five cents a pop. Sounds more fun than data entry. [WSJ]

City Not Happy with Reusable Grocery Containers; Trib Calls for