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Roy Choi Promises ‘Thick-Ass Burgers’ and Carnival Desserts at Beechwood

Feast caught up with Roy Choi following Monday’s announcement that the Kogi creator is next to tackle the menu at Beechwood, the Washington Blvd. restaurant owned by David Reiss, owner of A-Frame, The Brig, and Alibi Room. Choi says Beechwood’s ” new direction” will find great cocktails from Brian Butler to pair with the beachy cuisine, which has a slight boardwalk carnival bent for dessert. What else?

The chef details, “It’s a place where you can just grab some ginger chicken wings, thick-ass burgers and chill with a few extraordinary cocktails,” before adding that Chego pastry whiz Beth Kellerhals will help him “explore those old carnival favorites like coated ice cream bars, candied apples, frozen bananas, and ding dongs.” What, no military stew?!

Still, it sounds promising. But best of all is Choi’s declaration that he knows the local audience here. “I’ve become kind of like a hermit crab of sorts these past two years and Dave Reiss has gifted me a bunch of shells for me to climb into,…And what better place for a crab than Venice Beach?”

Beechwood’s New Chef Outlines Restaurant’s Redirection, Includes Carnival-Inspired Program [Feast]

Roy Choi Promises ‘Thick-Ass Burgers’ and Carnival Desserts at