Another Reason to Avoid State Fairs This Summer

Alligator-on-a-stick. Photo: Renkar

Inspired by the popularity of Man vs. Wild and Bizarre Foods, a California-based county fair/carnival vendor has found success selling bizarro food items like python, yak, raccoon, scorpion, Rocky Mountain oysters, and crickets to fairgoers around the country. As the Oakland Tribune reports, George Sandefur, a.k.a. Jungle George, is a fair/carnival circuit veteran who got started at this bizarre-foods game last year selling alligator burgers and alligator-on-a-stick at the Arizona State Fair.

He’s since branched out, and customers are lining up for things like green scorpion lollipops, and a “maggot melt” drowning in Cheddar cheese. (And people are worried about grasshopper tacos?) “It’s crazy but people like it,” says Sandefur, who’s parlayed his growing fame into an upcoming appearance on The View. We can just hear Joy and Whoopi hollering as soon as George whips out the mealworm snacks.

Corn Dogs Will Never Be the Same [Oakland Tribune]

Another Reason to Avoid State Fairs This Summer