Budget Cuts Threaten Central Cali Farmland; Is Borscht Back?

• Residents of Central California’s farmland, “the second-largest agricultural producer in the U.S.,” are already suffering in poverty. The situation could get worse when the governor’s budget cuts take effect on Friday. [Time]

• Can borscht be cool again? Hard to say, but Gold brand soup is trying to make it so. [WSJ]

• OMG, stop everything: Justin Bieber has declared that he loves to barbecue! [HuffPo]

Mendocino Farms in Marina del Rey won the people’s choice award in the American Institute of Architecture’s restaurant design awards. [LAist]

• Queen Park Learning Garden, Inglewood’s new community garden, is touching back to the city’s agricultural past. [NBC]

• Do you know about Totoraku, L.A.’s secret Japanese restaurant on Pico? If so, here’s four more secret restaurants in the U.S. If not, shhhhhh, don’t tell anybody we told you! [Bites Today]

• Meredith publishing company has acquired EatingWell magazine and launched a site called [AdAge]

• The U.K.’s most popular food? Not fish and chips, but rather, chicken tikka masala. [Calcutta Tube]

• In a move that would not make Michael Pollan very happy, state senators have named corn New York’s official state vegetable. [BP]

Budget Cuts Threaten Central Cali Farmland; Is Borscht Back?