Brand X Gets Axed

Just as it started schooling us on the history of L.A. craft beer (we honestly had no idea Father’s Office was a microbrew haven for that long), news breaks that free weekly city guide Brand X, The L.A. Times’ younger, cooler sister, is folding.

Sad news for food and drink devotees given the tabloid’s great coverage, which at times felt more vital and on-target than the paper’s own paper-thin Food Section. Sadder still, perhaps, for the state of print media and our loss of a strong showcase for a talented team of food and nightlife writers.

The L.A. Times also announces that in place of Brand X, it will oversee the creation of more Times Community News sites, with a new blog coming to Pasadena, among other SoCal cities. Today’s newsstand issue of Brand X will be its last, while L.A. Observed reports that the blog will fold as well on July 8th. Sorry to see you go, Mr. X! It’s been fun.

L.A. Times folds Brand X [L.A. Observed]

Brand X Gets Axed