Back Door is Back for More!

Photo: Back Door Cafe via Facebook

After three and a half years missing in action, Back Door Cafe is back. Once a Silver Lake pioneer, where it served the kool kids for 17 years, the pastry and coffee spot has resurfaced in a Sunland shopping mall, which already sounds ripe for a revolution (look out, Hot Topic). The Eastsider L.A. reminds us that this cafe closed its original doors in 2008 due to a mean old landlord who insisted on having his precious property back, no doubt with dreams of higher rents. Owner Deborah Rosen Goodale vowed to return and with this move, she sort of wins the whole fight, seeing as the space she was forced to leave behind is still vacant. Just look at the Facebook photos of this crew putting the place together and tell us it doesn’t make you happy to see them come out on top?

Back Door Cafe, 8658 Foothill Blvd, Sunland. 818-353-2233.

A former symbol of Silver Lake cool reopens … in Sunland? [The Eastsider]

Back Door is Back for More!