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Albert Trummer’s New Project, the Freud Bar, Is ‘Like a Cocktail Day Spa’

Photo: Melissa Hom

Albert Trummer recently hired sociality Patrick Duffy (who just closed) to be his creative director at Theater Bar (to make the place, you know, more theatrical), and tells us he’ll in turn do the drinks list at a private member lounge that Duffy hopes to install in the Chelsea Art Museum. That’s not the only thing new in Trummer’s world: He tells us he’s developed a concept called the Freud Bar, and he’s negotiating with Jason Pomeranc to bring it to one of his downtown Thompson hotels (he’s also negotiating with another party that can’t yet be named). When the first Freud Bar opens as early as August, it’ll be a reservation-only lounge modeled after Freud’s office where Trummer (who is also Austrian) will interview and diagnose about a couple dozen people every two hours. He’ll prescribe cocktails with names like “the Healthy Brain,” which will include ingredients like royal jelly (for hormone balance and cell renewal, Trummer says), grape seed and fish oils (for omega-3), matcha, and ground cocoa beans (at least we think Trummer said cocoa — Freud was, after all, more of a fan of coca-based remedies). “It’s almost like a cocktail day spa,” Trummer tells us. “It’s going to be a step higher than Apothéke, with all my herbs and remedies in a sleek lounge where you can relax.” Sounds like all it needs is lardo massages and mortadella masks.

Albert Trummer’s New Project, the Freud Bar, Is ‘Like a Cocktail Day