Actually Pretty Awesome

Actually Pretty Awesome: The Egg Sandwich at Blue Fig

Photo: J. Barmann/Grub Street

Unassuming little café The Blue Fig (990 Valencia) opened last year to little fanfare, and really, why should it have? It was yet another café on Valencia Street, of which there are already quite a few, and was not likely to affect a sphere greater than a few-block radius. But have you tried their egg sandwich? It’s actually pretty awesome. A simple enough set of ingredients — Vermont cheddar, Boar’s Head Bavarian ham, basil aioli, scrambled egg — and it comes on your choice of ciabatta or bagel. But that ham is really pretty good, and the herb-y basil aioli is exactly what we’ve always been missing in an egg and sandwich and never knew it.

The ciabatta we had was more soft and brioche-like than we expected, but we hardly minded. Also, they pour a decent cup of coffee, and have wi-fi, so there’s that.

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Actually Pretty Awesome: The Egg Sandwich at Blue Fig