A Double Fail(e) Strikes Gjelina

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Just when we think it’s finally complete, Gjelina Take Away goes and does something like this. The pretty new space has been blanketed in stenciled posters from Brooklyn street art collective FAILE. Like many, we’re FAILE fans and the posters on their own are pretty cool, but something about the complete and total saturation of the graphics reeks of overkill. We get it Gjelina, you’re cool and edgy and totally into ground-breaking, slightly dangerous street art! Now are you planning on keeping the place looking like this? Anyway, what other disaster did Gjelina run into (or almost have run into it) yesterday?

About the time dude’s pants came off

Well, you open a take-out component, and of course some idiot is going to think it’s a drive-through. Around 6:00 P.M. yesterday as dinner service was getting started, a wasted Venice yuppie-type (we’re guessing Venice from that silly squat fedora) parked his Bimmer facing traffic and with one wheel up on the curb in front of the restaurant. He left his car with a bottle of Jack in his hands and started hollering.

Police soon appeared and he screamed, “They’re killing me! They’re killing me!” Not long after that, the dude was on the ground with his pants sliding off and his hands cuffed behind his back, reminding us that all the gentrification in the world can’t kill off The Crazies. Eventually, even chef Travis Lett came out for a peek before things got back to normal at his trendy restaurant. Yup, another fine summer’s day in Venice!


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A Double Fail(e) Strikes Gjelina