Woman Attempts to Veganize Humphry Slocombe; Dunkin’ Donuts Eyes IPO

• Writer and recipe developer Sabrina Modelle is doing a new column for Mission Local in which she attempts to veganize her favorite foods, now that she’s a six-day vegan. The first attempt: Humphry Slocombe’s Secret Breakfast ice cream. [Mission Local]

Foods Co., the grocery store brand owned by grocery giant Kroger which has two locations in S.F., is opening three new stores in Oakland in the next two years. [Biz Times]

• Chanan Kamen, cousin of Michael Tusk and chef at Osteria Coppa in San Mateo, tells the Feast why he thinks his cousin deserves a Beard Award. [Feast]

• Bargain Bites pays a visit to new Richmond sandwich shop, Jersey’s on 6th. [Bargain Bites/Chron]

• Dunkin’ Brands Group — the company that owns Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin Robbins — is preparing an IPO. [USAT]

• The suspension of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is causing some small headaches at Better Homes and Gardens, which has a tie-in deal to appear on one of the delayed episodes. [Adweek]

• We know we keep telling you that food prices are soaring, but that’s because the news keeps getting worse. Now, the price of raw ingredients is at “near-record” levels. [Bloomberg]

America’s Next Great Restaurant winner Jamawn Woods didn’t know that he’d actually won until two weeks ago, because producers taped alternate endings. Which raises the question: How’d he help develop his restaurant concept if he didn’t know he’d won? [Star Tribune]

Woman Attempts to Veganize Humphry Slocombe; Dunkin’ Donuts Eyes IPO