Why Coly’s Stromboli Sounds Pretty Cool Already

Coly’s Stromboli is opening tomorrow in the former Downtown home of Pie Boy Pizzeria, Squid Ink reports. Why does it already sound pretty cool? First, the name kinda rhymes, that one is simple enough. Secondly, their logo is total Boogie Nights, sparkly sticker, roller-disco seventies glory. It’s been just long enough that we’re nostalgic for the era we once abhorred. Third, the tagline is “Just Put It In Your Mouth.” What can we say about that one? We’ve always known Akinyele was due for a big comeback. What else?

Fourth, the new restaurant comes from Coly Den Haan and Rachel Thomas, who rallied allegiant fans and helped blossom Downtown’s emerging scene at their wine bar, The Must. Last summer, their landlords gave them the unexpected boot and opened something new in its place, causing more than a little outrage. While all eyes are on the duo’s forthcoming lounge The Perch and the resuscitation of The Must, both here at The Pershing Square Building, the stromboli place just came out of nowhere with one Eric Schmidt named as the chef here. We’re pretty sure he’s not also punching the clock as CEO of Google, but Den Haan promises we’ll love his sauce nonetheless.

Fifth and finally, the place specializes in stromboli, those big Italian rolls of meat and veggies that are so mean, they named the villain in Pinocchio after them. The strombolis come in basic flavors like an original with capricole, marinara, and mozzarella, veggie versions, and meat-filled recipes of chicken parm and sausage and peppers. How refreshing to insert a completely new flavor onto Downtown’s streets, rather than clone a successful concept or tread water in some trendy taste that people are going to get sick of real fast.

For all of the above reasons and possibly more to come, we see fit to deem Coly’s Stomboli officially cool-sounding. Already there are a couple of positive Yelp reviews up (and the addition of a Space Invaders game is suddenly reason six why this sounds so fun), while a Facebook page confirms tomorrow’s grand-opening party. Check out the menu online and see what comes when the new restaurant opens tomorrow at 11:00 A.M.

Coly’s Stromboli, 456 South Hill St. Downtown. 213-627-9990.

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Why Coly’s Stromboli Sounds Pretty Cool Already